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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Free Yoga and Tai Chi Classes in Arlington

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi, in Arlington, Massachusetts, offers initial 90-minute classes for free on Saturdays. Led by manager Chun Shim, the sessions combine elements from many Eastern practices, including yoga, tai chi, meditation and breathwork, to enhance physical, mental and energetic health.

Participants will also develop mindful breathing and relaxed concentration so that they can maximize the benefits of the physical exercise. Benefits can also include increases in energy, reductions in stress and boosting of immunity.

Shim, a master healer, teacher, workshop trainer and holistic coach consultant for individuals and groups for more than 20 years, facilitates many healing courses and retreats for foster youth, individuals, communities and corporations.

Location: 325 Broadway. For more information or to register, call or text 617-209-9327 or email [email protected].