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Diatomaceous Earth with Neem For a More Comfortable Flea and Tick Season

Nature’s Goodness, a family-owned, natural health food and supplement store in Middletown, Rhode Island, carries Dr. Mercola Diatomaceous Earth (DE) with Neem among its curated selection of high-quality nutritional supplements, specialty and organic foods, unique gifts, and natural bath, beauty and household products. DE is an age-old remedy for keeping pets comfortable during flea season while also protecting homes and gardens from annoying and potentially harmful insects. This product is meant for external use only.

“This time of year, especially, it’s important to make your pet’s environment unwelcome territory for pests,” advises co-owner Donna Levesque. “While Diatomaceous Earth is not a pesticide, it makes life difficult for insects, yet it is harmless to humans, mammals, birds and reptiles. Insects and pests don’t like neem either. The neem tree (Azadirachta indica) has existed for thousands of years because it protects itself against insects, so using this combination product should keep unwanted pests at bay. It can also be applied with or without other herbal insect repelling products.”

Levesque adds that, because DE by itself can be very drying, the added organic neem leaf powder makes an important extra since it has many moisturizing properties and can help reduce excess dryness and scaling, plus it soothes irritated skin.

For use, apply DE sparingly and then thoroughly brush it into the animal’s coat, avoiding contact with eyes, nose and mouth. In the home, sprinkle it lightly around kennels, bedding and other areas where animals frequent plus along baseboards, in corners and hard to reach crevices such as between appliances. Outside, sprinkle DE generously around the perimeter of the home, on top of garden soil and dust the leaves of plants with it. Using it outdoors can even help to ward off mosquitoes.

“Our goal at Nature’s Goodness is to create a friendly, welcoming environment that inspires our customers to get excited about healthy living,” says Levesque. “Our knowledgeable staff, with 70-plus years of cumulative experience in the health food industry, is always happy to answer your questions and share information on our favorite products like this one, which we recommend for a happy, comfortable pet and inviting home and yard.”

Product cost: SRP $24.99 for a 1 lb. bag. Location: 510 E. Main Rd. For more information, call 401-847-7480, email [email protected] or visit