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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

30-Day Gut Reset and Pre-Tox Program

Rebalance Your Routine is launching an online, self-guided, 30-Day Gut Reset and Pre-Tox program on September 18, 2023, which includes supplements and additional materials sent via email. Participants will obtain resources and materials that provide education and support on how to improve gut health to better deal with New England’s cold and darker months.

The special initiative includes multiple supplements from Quicksilver Scientific that enhance digestion and gentle detoxification plus downloadable recipes for healthy eating and other supportive information.

Daily habits such as dietary choices, sedentary lifestyle, stress and exposure to toxins have a direct impact on the gut microbiome. A routine that supports healthy digestion with foods that bolster beneficial gut flora and reducing toxic burdens are essential in achieving optimal wellness.

“September is a significant transitional month,” says Jessica Liggero, HHP, CGC and SIBO Practitioner. “This is a time to establish a healthy routine, improve eating habits and strengthen the gut microbiome.”

For more information or to register, call 617-459-8114, email [email protected] or visit