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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Change for the Positive

Life surely has changed for many (if not most of us) over the past few years since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020. The loss of who-knows-how-many lives, the changes associated in the lives of loved ones and families of those lost, the effects of long Covid and the potential of a resurgence of the pandemic stimulating global unease.

Amid the negative changes, I find it helpful to look at some of the positive changes that have come about during this challenging time. This especially applies to those related to the many that are embracing the multitude of options available for self-care and are proactively taking charge of their own health through the exploration of traditional medicine.

Our feature article this month, “Traditional World Healing Wisdom, Returning to Our Roots,” by Carrie Jackson, provides insights as to how the pandemic has sparked renewed interest in Indigenous and traditional treatments that are increasingly being recognized and embraced by Western medicine. To me, that’s welcome change.

The philosophy at Natural Awakenings has always been about offering potential alternatives to drugs and surgery while knowing that sometimes drastic measures may be necessary to aid in healing. Through trial and error and oftentimes a whole lot of patience, many are turning to traditional, age-old therapies to heal naturally and are finding success.

Seasonal changes can wreak havoc for allergy sufferers and those sensitive to sinus-related issues so if that sounds like you, check out our article from Integrative and Functional Dietitian, Alora Frederick. In “Herbs for Sinus Health,” Frederick offers suggestions for herbal remedies to relieve common seasonal maladies that may help you breathe a little easier this fall.

We didn’t forget the pets when it comes to traditional medicine. In our Natural Pet department, health writer Kiki Powers offers a variety of approaches to help our furry loved ones. In, “Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Supporting Pets with Ancient Healing Wisdom,” Powers provides insights in the use of food therapy, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and tui-na massage for maintaining and restoring pet health.

As we step into fall, I hope you get to take some time for yourself to enjoy the beauty that comes with this change of season.



Maisie Raftery, Publisher