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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Acclaimed Live Owl Program Comes to Natick

Marcia and Mark Wilson, who have thrilled audiences of all ages with their live owl presentations for the past 28 years, will present six of their fascinating, secretive birds of prey from 7 to 8 p.m. on November 18, 2023, at the First Congregational Church, in Natick, Massachusetts. Widely regarded as New England’s favorite wildlife program, attendees will learn the owls’ unique adaptations and behaviors in the wild and how to look for them when outside plus practice their captivating calls during hooting lessons.

Naturalist and teacher Marcia brings the owls out one by one, each safely perched on her glove as she walks close to all guests, recommended 6 years or older. Mark, also a naturalist as well as a photographer, is the author of the award-winning children’s books Owling and The Snowy Owl Scientist.

The event satisfies the curiosity of those that may have glimpsed the shadowy form of a Great-horned Owl in the beam of headlights on a back road at night, scanned a frozen salt marsh or hayfield looking for a Snowy Owl or wondered if noisy crows circling a white pine tree were pursuing an elusive owl.

Cost: $7. Location: 2 East Central St., Natick, MA. Tickets are only available for purchase in advance at the church on Sundays from 11:30 to 11:45 a.m. or by visiting