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Functional Medicine Practice Now Accepting New Patients

Suzanne Tither, FNP-BC, MAc, LAc

Medical Director and Family Nurse Practitioner Suzanne Tither recently launched Women and Children First Functional Medicine, a virtual tele-health practice and resource hub with a mission to ensure the health and happiness of women and children via functional and integrative medicine. Along with in some other states, one-to-one personalized care to resolve troublesome symptoms and optimize body, mind and spirit wellness is available in Massachusetts and expected to expand to Rhode Island soon.

Areas of expertise include pediatric integrative medicine; pediatric and women’s gut health; natural thyroid and hormone optimization; detox; solving medical mysteries; and providing solutions with comprehensive, creative and simplified wellness plans that don’t overwhelm patients while embracing total health empowerment.

“We deeply care for every client within the context of a whole of life impacted by stress, lifestyle, nutrition, environmental toxins; hormone, gut and brain health; mental and emotional well-being and more,” says Tither. “We are experts using specialty functional medicine testing to craft comprehensive, efficient and effective integrative and natural wellness plans that help you reach your ultimate healthcare goals. We also specialize in helping moms and kids beat gut issues, boost energy and balance moods! Vibrant Mama Wellness is a real priority for us!”

For more information, a free discovery call or make an appointment, call 406-642-7566, email [email protected] or visit