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Engage in Cutting-Edge Cognitive Health Study

Johnson Compounding & Wellness, in Waltham, Massachusetts, is providing an exclusive opportunity for the public to engage in a pioneering study designed to enhance cognitive function through dietary supplements. This innovative research project uses the advanced Cognitive Clarity device, an FDA-cleared tool that measures cognitive abilities by gathering 130,000-plus data points tailored to each participant’s visual and motor skills.

Participants will embark on a two-month journey to explore the effects of professional-grade dietary supplements on cognitive health. Cognitive function will be assessed at the start and end of the period to show the benefits of targeted supplementation.

For a reduced fee of $199—instead of the usual $299—participants will receive comprehensive cognitive testing and a two-month supply of cognitive enhancement supplements. This special rate also offers individuals between the ages of 40 and 80 that are not currently taking nitric oxide support products to contribute to groundbreaking research while enhancing their cognitive wellness.

Participants, investing in their cognitive health and being proactive in maintaining and enhancing their mental acuity at a discounted cost while being part of a cutting-edge study, will also gain promotional pricing on supplement products after the study.

Location: 577 Main St., Waltham, MA. For more information or to register (spaces are limited), call 781-893-3870, ext. 111, email [email protected] or visit