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Celebrating Father’s Day and Men’s Health Month

While there’s still something for everyone, this month we’re honoring the men as we celebrate Father’s Day and Men’s Health Month.

In “Solving Mental Health Issues in Men: Finding Meaning in Turbulent Times,” Dr. Reef Karim addresses the pressing issue of men’s mental health, highlighting the rising rates of loneliness, substance abuse and suicide among men. He explores the cultural factors contributing to these challenges and advocates for male-specific mental health treatments, emotional communication training, and redefining healthy masculinity to help men find purpose and improve their well-being.

Health writer Zak Logan looks at prostate health in “Prostate Protection: A Look at Holistic Cancer-Prevention Strategies” and discusses the significance of diet, exercise and stress management in maintaining prostate health. It’s a must-read for men looking to adopt proactive lifestyle measures to mitigate cancer risks​​.

“Strengthening the Backbone” by Dr. Jamie Enos highlights the critical importance of spinal health by offering research-backed strategies and expert insights. He emphasizes the need for preventative measures to ensure longevity and resilience. From proper ergonomics to nutritional considerations, it’s a comprehensive guide for maintaining a healthy spine​​.

In “Prioritizing Sleep for Men’s Health,” by Alora Frederick, we explore the pivotal role of sleep in men’s overall well-being. Delving into how quality sleep affects not only mental health, but also weight management, heart health and more, she provides practical tips for improving sleep hygiene and the benefits of natural remedies to enhance sleep quality​​.

Our Wise Words article, “Jeffrey R. Gladden on Cracking the Code of Longevity,” offers practical tips for improving both the quality and quantity of life that nearly anyone can implement if motivated to do so.

Our collective hope at Natural Awakenings is that you find something within these pages to help you or someone you love improve quality of life. Have a great June!



Maisie Raftery, Publisher