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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Carefree, Summertime Days

Hot fun in the summertime!

We’ve prepared a July edition that’s bursting with unique content and local goodies just for you this month. We’re excited for you to dive in and enjoy it to the fullest!

As a native New Englander, my favorite season seems to flip-flop around all four, depending on what season is about to begin. Well, maybe just three-and-a-half. As I get older, I wouldn’t be all that put off without the frozen doldrums that sometimes come with the deepest of those dark winter days.

Perhaps my fondness for summer is rooted in those carefree days of youth when the biggest worries were whether our friends were grounded and couldn’t join in the fun on any given day.

With an overprotective dad who wanted to ensure his brood stayed as close to home as possible and a mom who was always open to hosting, our house was the place to be in the summer, which suited me just fine.

Since Dad was plagued by a fear of one of us being swept away in the ocean, he made our house as appealing as possible with all welcome to the family pool. Whether you could swim or not at the beginning of the season, for sure, by the end you’d become a pro!

We’re hoping to draw you away from home this month with all kinds of fun; from retreats, spiritual events, a hypnotism convention, or even some luxurious pampering at OH! Spa at The Preserve. For those interested in the farm scene, the 2024 RI Farm Scavenger Hunt invites you to explore the 30 participating farms for prizes in support of local farmers and food production.

As always, we hope you find a tip, resource, product or something else within these pages that helps improve your quality of life. And whatever you do this summer, make it a safe and happy one for you and your loved ones.



Maisie Raftery, Publisher