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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

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Sacha Fossa

Sacred Temple Arts

Intimate Empowerment & Wellness Sessions & Programs For Your Better To Best Sex & Love Life. Partnered Or Not. Sex & Relationship Education, Coaching & More For Your Healing & Pleasure. In & Out Of Your Bedroom.

Sacred Temple Arts offer a unique combination of intimate and healing arts for your pleasure and wellbeing. Your sexual energy is your vital life-force that when consciously awakened, expanded and directed, offers great healing and empowerment potency as well as erotic mastery.

Sessions and programs are a customized deep dive into erotic detective work, releasing challenges along with incorporating experiential learning and new tools and practices into your life as part of sessions and homeplay assignments.

Programs may include and individual sessions are offered in:

Tantra-ancient and modern techniques to greater energy, intimacy and consciousness.

Intimacy Coaching & Education-cutting edge intimacy and relationship educations to radically improve your sex & love life immediately, partnered or not.

Energywork-sit back, relax in your pj's, and receive healing distance energywork. Bodywork-(*when in-person sessions are available again)

Essential Oils Consultations-discover natural solutions to health challenges, improving well-being, disinfecting, and more.

Gem & Flower Essence Therapy-includes crystal and flower essence grid distance energywork.

Meditation & Breathwork-isn't now the time to find the practices that most contribute to you?

Intuitive Readings-various intuitive reading tools to help you to develop your psychic awareness

Law of Attraction & Sex Magic-learn how to create with methods that will help you actualize more of what you desire

Sacha Fossa has an MA in Health, Arts & Sciences and is a certified sex, intimacy, relationship and wellness coach, educator and healing arts practitioner. She is passionate about providing exquisite custom care and empowerment services to those ready for monumental change through more pleasure.