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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Embrace Spring with Intimacy Consultations

Spring is a time for cleansing, clearing and rebooting, and for many, also taking a look at the metaphoric closet of our intimate and erotic life. To help, Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Coach, Educator and Healing Arts Practitioner Sacha Fossa, of Sacred Temple Arts, is providing 30-minute complimentary Intimate and Erotic Arts Health and Wellness Spring into Spring consultations for first-time clients throughout this month (May 2023).

Participants can benefit by releasing and rebirthing their sexual challenges and clutter, recharge and freshen these vital aspects of life and living, and become more joyfully both intimately and erotically embodied. They’ll also discover the innate sexual nature of their own bodies and being, and learn about the natural expansion that’s possible for libido and more, partnered or not, that comes with increasing our unique pleasure abilities and capacities.

“These vital aspects of well-being are often overlooked,” Fossa says. “Now is the time to see how one can live more organically and orgasmically through an exploration into their intimate and erotic embodiment and lifelong journey.”

Tantra and the erotic blueprints may be included as pathways in the process of this expansion.

For more information, call 978-309-9399 or text the number to schedule the
free consultation. Also email [email protected] or visit