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Medical Ozone Therapy Helping COVID-19 Patients

A Note from Dr. Margo Roman

Some fantastic news on medical ozone therapy is emerging as creative medical professionals use their skills to help COVID-19 patients around the world. Pilot studies in Spain, Italy and China show medical ozone treatment dramatically reduces the percentage of patients needing ventilators and speeds recovery from COVID-19 respiratory disease. Larger controlled O3 studies are approved and underway in Spain and in Italy.  

Medical ozone has been used extensively around the world for the past 30 years and has extensive, peer-reviewed studies to support its cellular action in vitro and its safety and efficacy in clinical applications. Ozone is used worldwide to decontaminate drinking water from viruses and has even been used successfully against the Ebola virus.

Medical oxidative therapy is completely safe, with no side effects, unlike the anti-malaria drugs, which have serious—even fatal—side effects, and reports of the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin clearing virus in vitro, but at 1000x safe clinical dosage. Recent anecdotal reports from emergency doctors in New York City suggest that hypoxia is the primary characteristic of severely affected COVID-19 patients, not pneumonia related dyspnea, more reason to consider a treatment that does no harm and increases the oxygen available to patients.

With vaccines a year or more away, we need to use open and creative methods to protect our vulnerable populations. The brunt of this epidemic is being borne by people in crowded urban environments, in nursing homes, in group homes—the demographics of the COVID-19 death rates reveal this devastation. We need options for treating life-threatening pulmonary collapse, and ozone therapy offers that. Published research and news reports on the success of ozone for treating COVID-19 can be found at for-covid19-resource-page.

I can help you reach ozone-trained medical doctors all over the United States to help initiate treatment for coronavirus patients through our ozone professional organizations. But, medical ozone can do so much more: ozonated saline can help protect medical workers and first responders from infection, ozonated drinking water can be used by all essential workers to prevent the virus from taking hold and ozone can be used to disinfect personal protective equipment (PPE) safely for reuse.

With the new national law “Right to Try,” this is a right for all Americans. We need to provide safe, accessible options. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions about clinical applications and getting access to trained O3 practitioners.


Source: Margo Roman, DVM. [email protected] For information on disinfecting PPE using Medical Ozone, visit:  See ad on page 10 and Resource Guide on page 29