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At-Home Neuro Training with RI Neurofeedback

RI Neurofeedback offers three ways to train the brain to function at peak performance levels: in-office sessions, at-home training or monthly rentals. Using the advanced neurotechnology, NeurOptimal, this innovative form of neurofeedback is not a medical treatment, but rather a training for the brain. It doesn’t matter what the starting point is—every brain can benefit and tap into its own unique optimal state. The program is incredibly simple to learn and operate; training is effortless and is also 100 percent non-invasive, which means training can begin at any time.

Science is showing us that we have more control over our moods and mental states than we previously thought. When thought processes are disorganized or dysregulated, simple things feel more difficult and life becomes challenging. Having a calmer, more regulated brain and nervous system contributes immensely to the daily felt experience of our lives. Neuro training can teach people the skills to cope with and overcome all types of anxiety, stress, insomnia, ADHD, mood disorders and depression.

For more information, call 401-282-0230 or visit RINeuro