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A "Wrong Turn" that Turned Out to be Right

Stories about what may have seemed to be a wrong turn or a chance encounter that have changed a person’s life forever never cease to amaze me. I’m sure we all have a story or two and likely more, about a seemingly innocuous decision or even an accident that changed the trajectory of our lives forever.

One such story is shared in our feature article, “Art’s Embrace, Healing Through Creativity,” by Sandra Yeyati. Yeyati relays the story of how a wrong turn onto Skid Row by violinist and recording artist, Vijay Gupta, led to the founding of the nonprofit, Street Symphony, in 2011.

Still going strong, 10 years later, Street Symphony continues to bring music to homeless and incarcerated communities. Thousands of lives have been impacted in positive and productive ways, all because one man took a wrong turn.

Tracing a “wrong turn” I took back in 2009 led me to purchasing the Greater Boston edition of Natural Awakenings in 2010, so I’m happy to say, YAY to “wrong” turns, especially when they were actually the perfect turn after all.

As we wind down the last days of summer and start closing in on cooler weather, I hope we get to see you at the Boston Local Food Festival. The Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts hosts the 11th annual event on Sunday, September 19, at the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway, in Boston.

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We’ll be somewhere on the Greenway so stop by and share one of your “wrong turn” stories. We’d love to meet you.