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The Body in Balance

Sep 30, 2021 09:30AM ● By Peggy Normandin
A balanced body is one that moves with ease, is aligned in such a way that breathing is easy, the gait is smooth and steady, the mind is calm, pain decreases and function increases. This allows a person to approach life fully and seek joy and balance in so many aspects of their life. To some, it is balancing work with family time. For others, finding the right balance between quiet time to reflect and social time to connect with others.

Balanced Body, Balanced Life

Of course, physical balance has to do with avoiding falling, but other factors that help a person balance their body are diet, sleep, quiet reflection, laughter and fresh air. A woman in her 70s explains it this way, “I feel like by keeping my body strong and agile I keep my life in balance. I am able to do many things that interest me as well as able to play on the floor with my granddaughters and lift them up.”

Movement is a must for a balanced body, so finding the right type of movement (or exercise) is important. Choosing to move in different ways with different activities keeps exercise interesting and helps people maintain a strong, yet flexible body. Yoga and Pilates help balance the body, increasing deep breathing, stretching and strength. It is sometimes easier to stay committed to a regular movement routine by associating it with seeking health and well-being instead of “exercising.”

Physical activity is consistently associated with physical and mental benefits, and when incorporated into a healthy lifestyle, can lead to a more balanced body and life.

Peggy Normandin is the owner of Body Dynamics Pilates, located at 1099 Mendon Rd., Cumberland, RI. For more information, call 401-333-8550. For class schedules, visit