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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

McArdle Chiropractic Has Moved

McArdle Chiropractic has re-located to 2013 Plainfield Pike, in Johnston, Rhode Island, just up the road and around the bend, about a quarter-mile from its original location. The practice provides holistic care for all ages, integrating chiropractic techniques with advice in preventative care, nutritional health, exercise and proper ergonomics. Various techniques are used during care, such as flexion-distraction, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and physiotherapy, including electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound therapy, hydrocollator heat therapy and cryotherapy with ice.

“We are so excited for our readers to check out our new location,” says Dr. Catie McArdle. “It is bigger, brighter and more peaceful.” Doctors are in the office daily, early mornings and late evenings, as well as every other Saturday, to accommodate people's schedules.

For more information, call 401-383-3400 or visit