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Dr. David Offers New Type of Skin Resurfacing Technology

In an effort to provide patients with more than just dental services, the practice of Dr. Amparo M. David, in Bolton, Massachusetts, has recently added a cosmetic practice to complement their whole-health services. Opus, which uses plasma energy or electromagnetic energy to gently perforate skin to stimulate the body’s biological healing response, can reverse the signs of aging; especially skin wrinkles.

The stimulation from the plasma energy removes dead skin cells to make room for healthier tissue. As we lose collagen while aging, tissue starts to sag, especially around the eyes, neck and jaw line. The plasma energy generates minor thermal injuries to the superficial layers of the skin, effecting a minor sun burnt appearance for one to two days. Once healing is completed, a new layer of healthy skin cells is produced. The appearance of deep lines and sagging tissue tightens without the use of chemicals or aggressive surgery that necessitates long-term healing.

For optimal results, several sessions of Opus are recommended, yet one session has been shown to produce noticeable improvements in problem areas. The treatment is ideal for undesired wrinkles where the skin moves constantly, like the corners of the mouth and around the lip and eyes, plus uneven lines from surgery or acne scars.

Location: 563 Main St., Bolton, MA. For more information or to make an appointment, call 978-634-6580 or visit