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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Freedom from Chronic Tension or Pain

Cecile Raynor, founder of Cecile’s Wise Ways, is holding a free online event, called Freedom from Chronic Tension or Pain, at noon, October 8, 2022. This event will reveal three unique pathways to reduce, eliminate or prevent common chronic tension or pain that often comes from misconceptions around movement and posture. It also will serve as an introduction to her upcoming seven-week, live course beginning October 13, 2022, entitled Activate Your Body Intelligence.

Many people suffer unnecessarily from chronic tension or pain and have lost touch with the integrated functioning of their body. These events are informative and kinesthetic in nature. They include basic movements that are part of everyday life and that everyone can do. Learning how body parts can work together harmoniously can reduce, eliminate or prevent the unnecessary aches and pain that many people suffer. This work helps people more deeply connect their mind, body, heart and soul to promote increased well-being and peace of mind.

Cost: Webinar is free. For course cost options, attend the online event or visit after the webinar. For more information, call 857-245-9488, or visit